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Make Money In 2019 with all these which I listed Is very easy. I am telling that you can get your own very blank cheque this 2019 legally everyday this year.

I know you are probably wondering what i meant by getting a blank cheque but do not disturb your thought, you will understand me in a jiffy!

Assuming you heard the news about how Dangote is planning to give out a blank cheque to 10 lucky people who can clean his room without touching the wall of the room, what do you think will be the first thing that comes straight to anybody’s mind? Financial Breakthrough or Unlimited Income Access not even the cleaning Job.

Now am not here to tell you about any blank cheque coming from Dangote, Otedola or Mike Adenuga rather i will like to show 5 Smart Ways to start generating blank cheque income this year.

I know you know how to make money but i will like you to take just few minutes out of whatever you are doing right now and have a quick run through of the listed below top 5 businesses you can start to make money in 2019 with little capital below:

  1. Information Marketing
  2. Social Media Management
  3. E-commerce /Mini Importation
  4. Create A Youtube Channel
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Join Mobile Data Business 

Before you jugde me, give me a space to explain all the financial income tool i just highlighted above.

Information Marketing

What is Information Marketing And How will you start making money from it?

Information marketing is as simple as the name reads (Information + Marketing) equal to Cash in bank. For more clarification let me give you a simple illustration:

Mr Abu discovers how to start raising pigs profitably and decided to package the steps and setups of the business in different formats like Ebooks, Video Tutorials, Audio Podcast e.t.c and set a price tag of 2000Naira per copy sold. Ok!

Mr Abu markets the information product online through various means and he was able to sell 200 copies (2000 x 200 =400,000).

Mr Abu just made his first 400k legally and can even decide to resell the same information again and make even more money than the previous sales.

I hope you got the picture?

The question now is how do you create your own golden information and what kind of information can you create or if you can’t create any, how do you get an information product thats sell very fast in Nigeria plus what are the sales converting strategies to sell fast online to anybody and make money?

Well! I only share this with my friends in class.

You can become one also when you join the Growkobo Business Moneyclass. It is an online class where i discuss about income generation and how to fully utilise the power of Internet to make money.

Will you like to be my friend too? If yes! Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Laide Matthews, am a digital marketer and Entrepreneur. I am the owner of an income blog and a leading mobile data provider online in Nigeria.

To Join the Growkobo Business Moneyclass, simply send me a Whatsapp chat or call me now on +2348062111053 for quick info.

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Laide Matthews is a the founder of Growkobo Digitals owners of I have quality experience in Digital Marketing, Mobile Solutions And Ecommerce. I am currently in 300l studying Estate Management in the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

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