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It is obvious for you to check on this post, you are looking for the fastest options to get quick cash on your mobile phone without any iota of signed paper for collateral just like the normal banks.

I will not bore you with super stories but rather go straight to business before then please not I am no way a representative of these brand neither do I get any dime for writing about their app or brands. It is just the love of sharing what I have tried and works with you…You It’s Laide

So let me quickly rush through the names of the apps plus I have some jare for 9mobile subscribers:

1. Paylater

If you are not new to the world of mobile lending, you should have came across this great app. The idea behind this app is to allow Nigerians get access to soft loans anywhere on our smartphone by using Al to determine how much can be allocated as loan to each individual.

I could remember the first time I used Paylater, it was just like magic because I knew about Paylater on one playful Saturday morning in school and I decided to give it a trial then lo and behold I got Alert Gbaagan within 5mins…No Hassle

The Requirement is very simple, Just Download The Paylater App On Playstore or Apple Store then register with your Bio-data , BVN and your bank details then apply for loan. So simple and safe

Try it Today

2. Branch

Honestly, at first I didn’t understand this app because to me it wasn’t really user friendly and every time I try using the app to get short loan, I got declined over and over.

When I tried the app, it was very frustrating but I have a friend who has enjoyed some sort of benefit from the app after some rigorous time of waiting and he got paid. As at when I am writing this post, I have no testimony or any good review personally.

You can try your luck today, the requirements is just the same as Paylater.

3. AllaCredit
If you are a student or self employed, just skip this app and move to the next option because it is currently working for those in the working class (Employees).

Aella Credit makes it easy for employees in their network to access cash at the most competitive rates anytime, anywhere. Application requires only your Name and employee ID number.

So If you are employee of a notable company, then you can try the app. It is on playstore and has good rating.

4. Fair Money

Just like the previous app, fair money provides employees the opportunity to access loan facility up to 50,000 without any collateral.

This app is working big time and you can always download it on playstore.

Finally, as I said at the beginning of the post that I will be given jara to 9mobile users only.

Well to get your portion, you need to send me a Whatsapp message or DM me on Instagram. I will be given out to the first 200 people who chat me up. Shikena

I will finish this post with a kiss just as usual and don’t forget to chat me for any question or use the comment section….Winks

Whatsapp: 08062111053
Instagram: @laidematthews

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Laide Matthews is a the founder of Growkobo Digitals owners of I have quality experience in Digital Marketing, Mobile Solutions And Ecommerce. I am currently in 300l studying Estate Management in the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

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